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The six words from The Voice referendum that could come back to haunt Peter Dutton's nuclear dream

2024-06-20 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13548885/Voice-referendum-slogan-haunt-Dutton.html HaiPress

The campaign against the Indigenous Voice to Parliament was won on the back of a catchy slogan which destroyed Anthony Albanese's hopes that Australians would vote with their hearts: If you don't know,vote No.

Campaign managers and analysts within the Yes camp couldn't compete,because they didn't have the detail that Peter Dutton convinced the Australian public they would need to form an educated decision.

That detail,Mr Albanese said,would have come after the Yes vote.

Now,the PM and his Labor government have an opportunity to flip that very phrase back on the Opposition leader.

Mr Dutton unveiled his vision for a future Australia powered by nuclear reactors on Wednesday.

He made his pitch to the voting public,going so far as to say he'd be happy for the next election to become a 'referendum on energy'.

The Yes camp struggled to win over Australians who felt there wasn't enough detail in the proposal

Mr Dutton also failed to go into detail about how he intends to win over state Premiers who remain staunchly opposed to nuclear in their backyards.

Nuclear reactors are banned in NSW,Queensland and Victoria,and each of the Labor premiers in those states have categorically ruled out overturning that for Mr Dutton.

When asked about that hurdle,the Opposition Leader said: 'We'll work with the state premiers,some debate about that I see,as you know,somebody famously said I would not stand between the Premier and a bucket of money.'

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Finally,the government of the day would need a majority in the Senate - or a policy supported by the crossbench - to pass any legislation.

The Greens are opposed to nuclear energy and will not make any concessions to aid the passage through the chamber.

Labor have already come out swinging against Mr Dutton's proposal,describing it as 'economic insanity' and 'ideological stupidity'.

Labor's Julian Hill became the first Labor MP to utilise Mr Dutton's famous phrase,sharing a picture of a nuclear reactor overlaid with the message,'don't know? Vote no'. 

The Opposition Leader is already bracing for 'the mother of all scare campaigns' on the back of his announcement.

'We know the Prime Minister and his Government will mount the mother-of-all scare campaigns on zero-emissions nuclear energy,' he said.

'But we believe Australians are up for this discussion and are open-minded about including zero-emissions nuclear technology as part of a balanced energy mix.'

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